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Best personal injury lawyers and attorneys of Memphis help their Residence in hour of need. They help them when they met with an accident due to someone else carelessness. They help them to get compensation.

6 Best Personal Injury Lawyers (Attorney) Memphis

1. BeYourVoice.com Law Firm (Leading Company)

A vehicle accident or a bad fall may be very annoying and unpleasant, and everyone knows it. However, the costs associated with medical care for injuries sustained in such incidents might be substantial. Even with the best health insurance, you may have to spend thousands of dollars out of pocket for medical treatment.

If you were injured due to another person’s negligence, it may be in your best interest to retain the services of a personal injury attorney. Keep reading for additional information about why this is the best choice.

Best Personal injury BeYourVoice Law Firm Is the best choice for you if you are a resident of Memphis. They help you to get compensation which you are truly needed. You can contact them on their official site BeyourVoice.com. If you want to learn more about BeYourVoice law firm then visit Hitrules.

2. 901 Attorneys

In the greater Memphis area, you may contact 901 Attorneys. It has more than 25 years of expertise representing clients in instances involving personal injuries, such as those caused by dog attacks, automobile accidents, and defective products.

The firm’s approach to legal processes is client-specific, with attorneys making an effort to learn about their clients’ situations in detail. David A. McLaughlin, one of its attorneys, gets admitted to the Arkansas bar. Visit their office at TN 38103-2361, Memphis.

3. Law Offices of Alders and Lewellyn, PLLC

Serving Memphis and the surrounding regions is a priority for Alders and Lewellyn, PLLC. Cases it handles encompass automobile and motorcycle accidents, as well as those involving premises responsibility and trips and falls. It also stands for those who have lost loved ones due to the carelessness of others.

The company was formed by Austin Alders, who previously worked as a personal injury attorney for Reaves Law Firm, where he successfully represented clients in claims against insurance companies and secured just recompense for their injuries. Visit their office at 119 S. Memphis, Tennessee 38103, Main Street, Suite 500.

4. Balestrini, Barnes, Jaber & Wood, PLLC

Nearly a decade had passed since the founding of Balestrini, Barnes, Jaber, & Wood PLLC, a personal injury law practise with offices in the Memphis, Tennessee region. Vehicle accidents, trips and falls, and wrongful death are just some of the personal injury claims the company pursues.

Compensation for injuries, property damage, and lost wages may be available. Additional services in the fields of criminal and family law are provided by Balestrini, Barnes, Jaber, & Wood PLLC. Visit their office at 1555 MA, TN 38104, Memphis.

5. Bryan Smith & Associates

Bryan Smith & Associates is a legal company servicing customers in Memphis. It takes on instances of personal injury and wrongful death on behalf of victims, such as auto accidents and medical negligence. When required, the firm’s attorneys undertake independent investigations and obtain and evaluate evidence.

To back up their assertions, they will often contact professionals like physicians, forensic engineers, and accident reconstruction specialists. Bryan Smith, one of the lawyers, has been leading the Amicus Committee for the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association since 2014. Visit them at Suite 500, TN 38103, Memphis.

6. Dabar Law Office

The Dabar Law Office is a Memphis firm that represents people in personal injury cases. The group stands in for those who have been hurt as a result of someone else’s carelessness or malice. Its attorneys aid clients in obtaining compensation for losses such as medical costs, lost earnings, and emotional distress.

Melissa Dabar, the firm’s attorney, offers consultations to help clients decide what action to take. She also deals with criminal, family, and estate issues. Visit their office at Location: 892 Goodman Rd. Post Office Box 38671, East Southaven, Mississippi 38671, Memphis.

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