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College students have to deal with numerous things alongside academics. Dozens of assignments, extracurricular activities, responsibilities, and whatnot. All these things exert a high burden upon students and make them exhausted. However, when they start to play video games, they forget about everything and live in the moment. Yes, video games make college students forget all their woes and set them free. Playing video games with your roommate is an excellent way to fight stress.

Although, some health experts say that too much gaming can ruin students’ performance. However, they do not talk how video games help students enhance cognitive skills like retention, reaction, reflexes, and memorization. Still, it is wrong playing video games nonstop and ask your roommate to Take My Online Class For Me. Anyway, perhaps you wonder about the best PlayStation games for college students to play with their roommates. If so, this article will show you the top PlayStation games to play in your college life.

Top PlayStation Games Every College Student Must Try

Video games fill fun in college students’ boring lives. If you live with roommates and still do not play video games on PlayStation with them, you are missing out on a vital part. If you run out of games to play on your PlayStation, this article can offer some of the best ones. Perhaps you have not played the games you will see below in this post. So, read the remaining blog carefully and get some ideas of excellent video games to play as a college student.

The Witness

If you want to play a challenging, competing game with your roommate, try The Witness. It is one of the best puzzle games that will make your brain think hard. This way, you will also develop your cognitive skills and start performing better in academics. Anyway, about the game, it is not like Doom or The Witcher. It is a first-person game that starts on an island, with 11 different levels. As each level passes by, the game becomes more complex. Plus, the graphics are absolutely eye-catching, and you will need hours to find solutions to mysteries hidden in the game.

Shadow of the Colossus

If you are a PlayStation gamer, perhaps you have already played Shadow of the Colossus. It is one of the best PlayStation games in history. If you have never played it, put it on your must-play list. The game is a breathtaking action-adventure game that contains numerous beautiful wastelands. You will have to encounter plenty of powerful bosses in each wasteland. This game is so famous that many authors wrote books about it. Thus, make your mindset to play Shadow of the Colossus with your roommates and explore the wonderful wastelands to make your college life adventurous.


Overwatch is still on the top of the list in PlayStation video games, even after years of release date. Among the well-known Esports games, Overwatch is in the top ten. Also, Overwatch has an international championship tournament every year. About the game, Overwatch is a multiplayer team-based addictive game. You will have many characters with different skills to play in this game. Moreover, the game’s company continues to add more maps and characters to the game time after time.

Besides, as Overwatch is a multiplayer game that has numerous maps, characters, and different gameplays, it will never bore you. Plus, you will get human teammates to compete against a team, which makes it even more amusing. Therefore, every college student should put Overwatch on their wish list.

God of War

Nearly every PlayStation gamer has played the God of War series. If you have not played it, you missed something really big. However, before playing God of War, remember that it might be the deadliest game you have ever played. Its story is based upon Norse legends, specifically about violence. The game’s origin, game is about a father (Kratos) trying to raise his son during the Norse legendary era. Undeniably, God of War contains intense violence, and not every college student can play it. So, read its age limit and rating before the purchase.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is an all-time hit PlayStation game, which may look like a typical post-apocalyptic zombie movie. It holds a story of a teenage girl living in a collapsed world with a man who takes her across the USA to safety. It is a survival-adventure game with mind-blowing graphics and a story. The Last of Us is brilliant for college students to pass their time completing its story for days.


I hope you will try the PlayStation games this blog suggested to you. These video games are excellent for college students. However, ensure you do not play games for hours and skip your classes. Some students ask their family or friends to Take My Online Course For Me and spend time playing games, which is wrong.