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A screen queen of our old TV days, Solica Casuto is probably most famous as the ex-wife of the famous American actor Andy Griffith. He was an American political activist, comedian, television producer, and singer. The couple first met on the film set. They fell in love and married in 1973. They stayed together for nine years and then separated.

That and much more are going to be a part of that article about the most famous screen figure of her time. We would discuss her filmography, personal life, physical appearance, and how her marital life ended with the loving and affectionate Andy Griffith.

Short Bio

Full NameSolica Cassuto
OccupationTV Actress
Birth Year1940
Birth PlaceGreece
Height5’ 6’’ (170 cm)

Physical Appearance of Solica Casuto

picture of solica cassuto

Solica Casuto is a beautiful American woman who was born in 1950. As of 2022, she will be 72 years old. She spent her entire life with her parents until she entered the public eye in 1973 when she chose to wed Andy Griffith. After getting married, she relocated to Mount Airy, North Carolina, where she would live the rest of her days with her spouse.

At around 5’6″ or 170 cm tall, Solica regularly walks for health improvement and now manages her weight well. However, we do not have any footage of her present personal life as she doe not like to be a public figure anymore. There are many fake accounts on various social media platforms by her name, but none of these has any accurate information about her.

Did Solica Casuto Remarry After Her Separation?

Casuto has said that she never married again after her divorce from Griffith because she couldn’t find anyone to measure up to him. However, she has also said that she still loves Griffith and that he was the love of her life.

Solica Casuto was married once before, but she never remarried after her divorce. Instead, she focused on her career as an actress, writer, and TV creator. She also found success as a southern gospel singer.

Casuto’s first marriage wasn’t registered, and the couple had no children. However, her ex-husband was married once before – to Barbara Griffith. The couple had four children together: Andrew, Sam, Dixie, and Karen.

Despite her previous marriage ending in divorce, Casuto has never given up on love. She continues to hope that she’ll find the right person to spend the rest of her life with someday.

Her association with her husband was exceptional, and they had twin daughters. Even though they are no longer together, it is clear that she still cares deeply for him and their family.

Why Did Andy & Casuto Separate?

The book that predicted Ken Berry wrote Andy and Casoto’s divorce. In the book, Berry claimed that the couple didn’t share anything in common and were complete opposites of one another. This proved accurate, as their marriage lasted only slightly over two years.

After divorcing Casoto, Griffith married Barbara Bray Edwards in 1949. However, their marriage also ended in divorce after 23 years. Following his second divorce, Griffith remarried twice before settling with his current wife, Cindi Knight.

It’s interesting to note that Griffith’s longest marriages were with women who were the opposite of one another. His first wife was from a wealthy family, while his second wife was a foreigner. This goes to show that sometimes opposites do attract!

It will be unfair if we do not disclose Griffith’s first divorce and marriage, so here is all you need to know about him.

Griffith’s First Divorce and Marriage

Griffith’s first divorce and marriage were not easy things to go through. He was married to Barbara Griffith, whom he had known since school. His show was at its peak when they married. Their wedding day was August 22, 1949. Barbara also appeared in the front with her husband. The couple acted as performers and chose to keep their dancing and singing career together. Together, they traveled to other cities.

Griffith’s Last Wedding and its Fate

Cindi Griffith was his third and last spouse. They saw each other for the first time when filming for the murder in Coweta County. They fell in love and married. Andy knew about their first health problem at the start of April 12, 1983. The doctor diagnosed him with Guillain-Barre syndrome.

He could not move for seven months due to a defective knee problem. He went through a tough time. Then, on May 9, 2000, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery for his heart at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

Cindi was by his side throughout all of his health struggles. She nursed him back to health after his bypass surgery and was by his side when he finally regained movement in his legs. Unfortunately, Griffith passed away on July 3, 2012, at 86, but not before leaving behind a legacy of great films and television shows.

Where is Solica Casuto After Divorce?

We all know that Cassuto was born in Greece, but we need current information on her. Significantly what was her fate after her divorce or where she dwells? We only know that she currently does not have any other relationship. Although there aren’t any facts about her arrival, some sites show her figure.

Casuto is private and has not given any interviews since her divorce. She has stayed out of the public eye for the most part, but her work speaks for itself. She is an excellent actress and has been in many successful films and TV shows. Even though she is no longer married, she is still a great mother to her twin daughters.

What is the Net Worth of Solica Casuto?

Solica Casuto was a very successful actress who made a lot of money during her career. People claim she has over $1-$30 million, but the exact amount is unknown.

Her husband had a net worth of $60 million when he died. He was an outstanding performer well-known for his two TV performances, “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock.”

Casuto was driving an incredible contribution to the Greek Entertainment Industry. She was a star in different films. Also, she made a lot of money during her career. People claim she has over $1-$30 Million, but the exact amount is unknown. Her husband had a net worth of $60 Million when he died. He was an outstanding performer and well-known.

What About the Kids of Solica Casuto?

Solica was a kind and loving mother figure to her stepchildren and will be remembered fondly by them. She had no kids but was happy to be a mother to her ex-husband’s children.

The first child was called after Andy himself. Andy Samuel Andy and Barbara Griffith adopted a child in 1957. Andy and his ex-wife went on to adopt another child. He said she was a caring wife and affectionate mother who was unique to him and his kids.

Their stepson, Andy Jr., better known as Sam Griffiths, had become a booming real estate agent but passed away in 2007.

Is She Still Active?

No one knows what happened to Solica Cassuto. She was last seen in public in Greece. After that, she completely disappeared from the media spotlight. Some people believe that she may have moved to another country or gone into hiding. There needs to be more information about her current whereabouts or what she is doing now.