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We all love our laptops. Over the past few years, laptops have become the go-to devices for fun, communication and productivity. The best thing about them, being that they can be easily used on the move.

Whether we are working from home, searching the internet or connecting with friends on social media, laptops give us the convenience that we need. Although there has been a recent increase in the use of tablets, there are certain things that a laptop can do that tablets can’t. There are also plenty of things a laptop can do that most of us just don’t know about.

1. Your Laptop Has a Problem Steps Recorder Installed

The term ‘problem steps recorder may not mean anything to you, but it is actually a really useful feature. A laptop gives us lots of freedom to play around and do whatever we want, but what happens when something goes wrong?

Trying to explain to an IT repairman exactly what went wrong can be difficult, which is where the problem steps recorder comes in. How it works is that the PSR can reproduce the issue, so that you can see what happened. It reproduces the problem and then records the details. How amazing is that?

Although most problems are fixable, older laptops can’t always be repaired. If your laptop is unrepairable, you can find low-cost laptops at sites like save on laptops.

2. Your Laptop Has Remote Access

While remote access is a great feature, which allows IT technicians and IT savvy friends to access your computer via their own laptop, it should be used with caution. You should only allow people that you really trust to remote access your computer. Its like the Armor set for self-protection, you have to keep your data safe from others.

3. Complete System Backup

The more you use your laptop on the move, the higher the chance that you will lose important files or data. This could either be through dropping the laptop and damaging the hard drive or by losing the entire laptop. That is why it is vital that you know how to back up your laptop properly.

An excellent way to back up your laptop is through a complete system image backup. A complete system backup will save every important file on your computer to an external hard drive, network drive or two CDs. This will create an exact copy of everything on your laptop.

4. Use it as a Media Centre

Did you know that you can use your laptop as an impressive media centre? That’s right; your laptop can easily be used as a media centre for your home. By connecting your laptop to your television with an HDMI lead, you can play Blu-ray DVDs, stream television shows and listen to all your favourite playlists.  Gaming laptops like razer blade 2018 are the most impressive social media centre for their features and updated configuration.

5. Sync it With Other Devices

You may not realise it, but the work and files you have on your laptop doesn’t have to be confined to that one device. Regardless of the make of the device, you can sync it with other devices and transfer files, documents and images between the two. Being able to sync work between devices, means that you can stay connected and access anything you need wherever you are.